Sell ad-space on your terms.

You have an amazing website and it is time to monetize with ads. But with traditional ad-services you have no control over pricing, which ads appear on your site, or how they look. On top of that they flood your page with tons of javascript and tracking code. Making your site ugly, slow, and a potential distributer of malware.

It is time to take back control! Sell your ad-space on your terms. You control how ads look, who can advertise on your site, and you set the price.

makes it easy for advertisers to buy ad-space directly from you. You then serve these ads directly from your server, giving you full control over everything. There is no upfront cost. Start selling your ad-space now.

How it works

In just a few steps you're able accept money from advertisers for your ad-space. Once they purchased an ad you serve it from your server at the appropriate time.

  1. Configure your ad slots

    Set up how your ads should look. Image only / text only / a combination of both and more.

  2. Add a link the to buy form

    Add a link to the buy form on your site. Advertisers are then able to purchase ads from you.

  3. Sell ads

    Any interested party can buy ads by supplying the required items (image, text, link). Once you approve the ad the buyer is charged and you get paid.

  4. Serve ads

    Periodically check our API for new ads and cache the images and text on your server. When a user visits your site serve the current ads.


By directly selling to advertisers you gain many benefits for you and your users.

Full control over...

  • how the ads look
  • pricing
  • who can advertise on your site
  • what is advertisted on your site
  • relevancy to your users

and because you serve the ads from your server you get...

  • faster page loads, because
  • no third-party javascript slowing down your site,
  • no privacy-invading tracking of your users by the advertisers, and
  • assurance ads are not riddled with malware

Start selling your ad-space

You're here early! We're still working on the first version.

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